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Porsche Digital To Establish Its Second Headquarters In the US

German automaker Porsche recently revealed that it is further expanding its digital and software-creating subsidiary, Porsche Digital. Two years back, the automaker established its first headquarters in the US for its digital product-focused wing, which is in Silicon Valley. This time, it will set up its headquarters in Atlanta. The key reason why the automaker has chosen Atlanta for its Porsche Digital expansion plan is that Porsche’s core car business is already established in that region. Moreover, the region’s tech talent is remarkable.

Porsche Digital feels a need to open the second office in the US in order to serve US customers in a better way. At present, 120 employees across the world work under the subsidiary, with headquarters established in Shanghai, the US, Berlin, and Tel Aviv (Israel).

Apart from creating digital-products, the subsidiary company would enhance the core business of its parent company by exploring tech talent across different regions. The headquarters establishment of the subsidiary company at multiple locations would help in the acquisition of local emerging businesses.

On a similar note, another German multinational automaker, Volkswagen, has been tirelessly working on to develop a remarkable fleet of EVs and autonomous vehicles. To accomplish its goal, it is going to expand its operations in establishing EV charging infrastructures. The German automaker is going to collaborate with a German leading OS provider for e-mobility, GmbH. Moreover, the automaker is looking to purchase a minority stake in e-mobility OS provider.

Both the companies will then mutually work on to growing the European charging network and will try to be at the leading position in the globally emerging EV charging market.

At present, GmbH has hired over 70 employees, who are managing more than 16,000 EV charging points set up globally—from the UK to Taiwan and from Norway to Australia.

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